Review: Blood + and Bleach

August 14, 2007

Blood +episodes 18-20 (DUBBED)

20 episodes in and we finally find out Saya is a chiropteran, the creature she has been assigned to kill. Other than this “shocking” news, these episodes play out much like the rest of the series. Saya is confronted by a chiropteran, she loses blood, her buddy/stalker is stabbed in the chest, she lies unconscious in the snow, and somehow in the next episode they both survive with no wounds whatsoever. But it appears that they’ll finally introduce a storyline involving the “chevaliers” which have been name dropped a few times before.

The only thing Blood + has going for it right now is the current theme song “Season’s Call” performed by Hyde, the vocalist for L’arc~en~ciel. The show is extremely repetitive with it’s stand-alone style episodes. This is what every episode of Blood + is about, Saya disappears to fight a chiropteran while her adopted brother Kai and Riku search all over for her. For now I’ll let the DVR record more episodes for the chevalier arc but once school starts I’ll probably forget all about this series.


Bleachepisodes 42-44 (DUBBED)

After volume 17 of the manga I was underwhelmed and stopped reading this series. However since Shonen Jump plans to serialize the manga post-Soul Society arc I decided I should try to catch up and what a great point to restart watching this series. These three episodes focus on one of my favorite characters, Uryu Ishida the quincy. Uryu encounters the captain of 12th squad, Mayuri Kurotshuchi, a Joker looking character, after being recognized as an intruder. What ensues is your typical shonen style fight. Uryu tries to protect his honor as a quincy for his deceased grandfather and Mayuri’s slave while being brutally beaten by the enemy. Of course Uryu taps into latent power and overcomes said bad guy who just barely escapes by turning himself into a liquid.



Review: Trinity Blood

August 12, 2007

Over the course of the summer, dozens of anime episodes have been accumulating on my DVR.  In the hopes of going through them all before fall semester starts,  I will be posting mini-reviews of each series.  They do not pertain to the series as a whole but to the said episode numbers.  Follow up reviews may or may not occur.

Trinity Bloodepisodes 9-11 (dubbed)

Overcount I. The Belfry of Downfall & Overcount II. Lucifer’s Choice. In an unexpected turn of events, Trinity Blood airs episodes that actually advances the plot. In the previous episode Father Abel and Sister Noelle investigate rumors in Barcelona. Noelle tells Abel that she’s always loved him, Abel tells Noelle he has feelings for her. How sweet, romance in the Vatican! And then Noelle dies from invisible sound waves emitted from a cathedral bell. Abel spends this two part episode wondering around with a vacant look on his face. In the meantime, Lady Caterina finds the secret plans that Noelle uncovered in the cathedral at Barcelona for the destructive sound wave device. Having checked all the cathedral bells in Rome, there is only one left, the bell Caterina’s uncle, the Archbishop brought into the Vatican himself. Punished for even questioning the allegiances of her uncle, Caterina is sent into confinement where her uncle reveals his plan to destroy Rome as revenge for not being elected for papacy 5 years ago. Luckily our heroes stop the Archbishop before any more of Rome is destroyed no thanks to Abel who just stands there refusing to kill the enemy for he has sworn never to kill again. Spare me the Rurouni Kenshin philosophy and grow some balls you vampire scum.

From the Empire. Now we return to our regular scheduled stand alone episodes, and here I thought we were making progress. Abel teams up with another agent of the empire, Astharoshe, to hunt down another vampire mass murderer. Astharoshe hates Terrans, what we call humans or muggles, and is still under the impression Abel belongs to that category. To skip a lot of crap, they defeat the vampire who was trying to assassinate his Holyness and Astharoshe discovers she has feelings for Abel. How sweet, romance in the Vatican! Is anyone noticing a pattern here? I’ll continue to watch the show because I want to see how terrible the ending is like everyone says.


Shin-Chan back on [adult swim]

April 5, 2007

The hilarious Shin-Chan is making it’s way back to [adult swim] on April 9th for a Monday-Thursday run. Actually I’ve never seen it before but I’ve read a number of previews for the manga online and it indeed was hilarious. At the Wizard World comic con last summer they had someone dress up as Shin-Chan and dance whenever the end theme song for the show was being played on TV. Yes, I was mooned that day.

hopefully I can get a review in over Easter. It’s been a while…