Buy and Brag #9

Who am I kidding.

After seeing Up in the Air at the Ogden 6, I went next door to the same bargain bookstore I wrote about in Buy and Brag #6.  I didn’t buy any anime DVDs, mainly because they didn’t have any new ones, but I did pick up some comics.

Exit Wounds– An excellent Israeli graphic novel.  I read this at the library a while ago and loved it.

Once Upon a Glashma– An ADV released manga.  The bookstore was having a buy 4 get the 5th free sale so I picked this up because it was the only manga there that was complete in one volume.

Cromartie High School vol. 7– I bought the anime from Right Stuf’s bargain bin a couple of years ago and loved it (I even wrote a paper on it for one of my Communications classes).  Easily the funniest anime out there.  Up until now I only had the first volume of the manga that came with the DVD artbox.  I loved the manga as well, but ADV only released the first 12 volumes and quit so I wasn’t in a rush to pick them up.  But why should that ruin my enjoyment.  I’ll pick up what I can.

Presents vol. 1–  The one I’m most excited for.  Someone was praising it on the Underground/Alternative Manga thread at ANN so I picked it up.  I could use more horror manga.

Walkin’ Butterfly vol. 1– I’m not into girly manga, but I give josei series a shot.

One Piece!  That’s right they had 99 cent One Piece mystery figure boxes.  I got Luffy and Chopper/Buggy the clown.  I may go back for more.

After that I went to Half Price Books because I got a 20% off coupon for Valentine’s Day weekend.  Of course I raided the $2 manga section.

Croquis Pop vol. 1– Don’t know anything about this other than it’s from the same artist as Jack Frost (my favorite series from Yen Plus Magazine).

Hunter x Hunter volumes 3 and 4–  I finished the anime last month and loved it.  I picked up the first 2 volumes in the $2 manga section last week so of course I had to get these.

Lone Wolf and Cub vol. 1– I think I read this a while ago. Manga Matt ranted about Kazuo Koike the other day so I had to pick it up for this price.

I feel obligated to say within the last two weeks, I also picked up the following in the $2 manga section: Ah! My Goddess volumes 1 and 2 (Kodansha Bilingual Version), Flame of Recca volumes 1-8, Gunhed, Hunter x Hunter volumes 1 and 2, Yu Yu Hakusho vol. 2, and Zombie Powder vol. 1.

Hell yeah VHS!!!!  I raid Half Price Books’ VHS section regularly.  All videos sell for 50 cents each.  Here we have two Mighty Morphin Power Rangers videos, both in the “White Ranger” series.  I am more than willing to pick up any MMPR videos, but can you please put more than one episode on these?  The other video I picked up was Blue Sonnet vol. 1.  I have officially accomplished my goal: buy an anime that never made it to DVD.

All of that cost me $30.  And I used my birthday money so yeah.  I have actually bought a ton of other stuff since the last Buy and Brag.  If you’re interested, here’s my 2010 purchase list.

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