Buy and Brag #7

Welcome to the first in a 2-part season finale of andrewreadscomics’ Buy and Brag.  It’s been about two months since my last update, so I’ll post everything I’ve gotten since the day after Thanksgiving.  Some of these pictures have been sitting in my camera for a while, so it’s time to unleash them.  First up is my December 2009 package of Viz Signature manga…

20th Century Boys vol. 6–  I’m a couple volumes behind, but this is still one of the best manga of 2009.

Children of the Sea vol. 2–  I read the first couple of chapters of this volume on Ikki, but I wanted to read the rest of it in print format.  Anime News Network lists the series as ending at two volumes, so I assumed this was it, but as it turns out there’s four volumes out in Japan and is ongoing.

Detroit Metal City vol. 3–  Go to DMC!

Go Go Monster– Seeing as this is the only one in this column I actually read so far, I’ll give a brief review.  Go Go Monster is about an awkward boy who “sees things” at his school.  He believes that someday soon, these things will take over the school.  Enter the new kid, who doesn’t really believe him, but is intrigued and follows him up to the abandoned fourth floor.  This is from the same author as Tekkon Kinkreet, and to be honest is almost the same story.  But I do like this one quite a bit more as it comes from a more psychological perspective.

Ooku vol. 2– Still haven’t gotten to the first volume, but I’ve heard good things.

Emma vol. 10–  The final volume.  The last two volumes have been filler, mainly short stories of side characters, but this time we finally get to see William and Emma’s wedding.

Go West ! vol. 4–  Also the final volume.  I haven’t read past volume 1 so I don’t know what I think of this series yet.

Kinderbook– A book of short stories from Kan Takahama.  I bought this used at Half Price Books in amazing condition.  I figured if it was published by Ponent Mon, it must be good.

Moyasimon vol. 1–  Bought this because I heard it was hilarious.  I haven’t read it yet, but I love the cover.

Raiders vol. 1– A manwha about an archaeologist apprentice that drinks the blood of Jesus Christ from the Holy Grail and becomes an immortal and later teams up with a vampire.  Yeah, this one is definitely a little out there.  Review coming soon.

Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei vol. 4–  I decided to give this manga one last chance.  This manga has basically been “too Japanese” for me.  It’s not a bad series, it just demands an intense and thorough understanding of Japanese humor, pop culture, and politics.  The jokes just fall flat if I have flip to the back of the book to understand them.

Short Cuts vol. 1– Another Half Price Books pickup.  This is a gag manga published by Viz during their “Editor’s Choice” days.  It’s basically acollection of short 1-4 page gag strips.

Because you can’t have manga without anime, here is what I bought withinbthe past month.  These came from Right Stuf’s 12 days of anime sale, weekly specials, and in one case,’s intense Media Blasters sale.

Baki the Grappler: Complete Collection– A BDUBTheAnimeMaster approved anime.  This was an easy sell, as Right Stuf was selling this complete 48-episode box set for 11 bucks.  They’re practically giving it away.  I’m looking forward to it.

Golden Boy– An otaku classic I have not seen yet.  But thankfully at 6-episodes, a short one.  I picked this up at last month for 9 bucks.  They were having an insane Media Blasters sale, everything was 50-70% off.

Hell Girl Season 1-I watched the first couple of episodes on IFC last month and had to have it. It’s about a website where socially distract people can log in and ask to get revenge on the ones that have done them wrong.  Then this creepy looking girl arrives and sends the accused to hell.  It’s an episodic anime, so it won’t be for everyone, but rather like series like these.

Hunter x Hunter vol. 4– The final volume!  This should include the Phantom Troupe episodes.  Unfortunately, Viz hasn’t licensed the OVA’s yet so this might be it for the anime.

Love Hina: Complete Collection–  Another BDUBTheAnimeMaster approved anime.  This is another otaku anime favorite I have not yet seen.  Although it seems to get more hate from the fans as time goes on.  I’ll give it a shot.  I do love the cover art.  It brings me back to my Catholic school days ^_^

Spice and Wolf Season 1– Another otaku favorite, but a recent one.  I have seen a few episodes.  It’s about a traveling merchant named Lawrence who meets the harvest god named Holo (the wolf).  There’s a lot of wolf nudity, and moe traps, but I rather like it.  It takes place in a medieval Europe looking country and the animation just looks nice.

That’s it for today’s gluttony.  Come back tomorrow for the second half of the Buy and Brag season finale.

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