Buy and Brag #6: Cheap Anime

Andrew back here again to show you my cheap anime finds from last weekend at the bargain bookstore.  This was the first time I’ve seen anime, or DVDs in general at “Bargain Books.”  All DVDs were $5 new, including box sets.

Ah! My Goddess Season 1 Collection– This is something I’ve been wanting for a while.  Oh My Goddess! was one of the first manga series I read and I have many pleasant memories of it.  I did watch the first couple of episodes of the anime adaptation while it was being fansubbed, but lost track of it like I always do with fansubs. I was actually ready to order this for $30 on Rightstuf from the Media Blasters sale going on now, but 5 bucks sounds better to me.

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 1 Collection– I know absolutely nothing about this series, except that it’s from CLAMP and it looks like Sailor moon, but for 5 bucks I’ll give the complete first season a try.

Shaman King Uncut Volumes 1 and 2– Shaman King was one of those shows I used to watch on the FoxBox aka 4KidsTV.  As a 4Kids dub, Shaman King obviously received a lot of flack from the fans.  I won’t comment on the dub, but I did enjoy the anime to a degree.  I thought “Wooden Sword” Ryu was a great character.  These DVDs are uncut with the original Japanese dialogue.  Unfortunately, these are the only two Shaman King DVDs to come out in America.

Yu Yu Hakusho/Ninku Double Feature– I bought this mainly for Yu Yu Hakusho, like everybody else.  From what I heard, this has a completely different voice cast than the FUNimation dub.  But I’m OK with that.

If you’re wondering what happened to my Goodwill and Big Lots finds, as well as the half dozen rightstuf packages I received in-between, I lost track of time.  My father passed away last month and I haven’t really felt like doing anything since.  This isn’t my personal blog so I won’t bog you down with the details.  But I did manage to take a snap shot of my Big Lots finds, so this is what I got:

Dragonball Z- Trunks/Bardock Double Feature-I wasn’t a fan of Dragonball Z growing up, mainly because I didn’t have Cartoon Network, but now that I’m older I have picked up a few releases.  To be honest, if this wasn’t 3 bucks and more importantly a steelbook, I wouldn’t have picked it up.

Origin: Spirits of the Past (2-disc) and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles– Two movie releases from FUNimation.  I don’t know anything about either of these, but for 3 bucks…

Steamboy- I have seen this and was rather unimpressed. But for 3 bucks I thought I’d give it another go.

S Club Seeing Double– NOT ANIME.  But easily the DVD I was most excited for out of my loot. I used to watch the S Club 7 series all time on ABC Family when I was a kid, and for some reason I never heard of this movie.  Unfortunately, this was made after Paul left the band so there’s an obvious black hole in this film.

3 Responses to Buy and Brag #6: Cheap Anime

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  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the comment Anikun. It wound up in my spam queue somehow so I’m sorry I couldn’t get back earlier. I’m a big fan of the Miyazaki/Satoshi Kon/Makoto Shinkai movies. I also love Little Nemo.

  3. […] Up in the Air at the Ogden 6, I went next door to the same bargain bookstore I wrote about in Buy and Brag #6.  I didn’t buy any anime DVDs, mainly because they didn’t have any new ones, but I did […]

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