Buy and Brag #5

What did I get in the mail today?

20th Century Boys vol. 5– My favorite long running series at the moment.  Can’t wait for the movies in December.

Gimmick! vol. 9–  I can’t believe that this series is over already.  I was having so much fun with it.  For those not in the know, Gimmick! is about a special effects movie make-up artist.  Right Stuf still needs to send me volume 8…

Ooku vol. 1–  It’s gotten to the point where I’d buy anything from the Viz Signature line.  The plot description sounds very feminist but I’ll give it a go.

REAL vol. 6– I still haven’t read volume 2, 3, or 4 (5 is on backorder), but I figured if there’s any sport manga I would enjoy, it’d be this one.

What a Wonderful World! volume 1 and 2– From the author of solanin, What a Wonderful World! is a series of intersecting vignettes.  Slice of life has always been my favorite genre so I expect to like this a lot.

Yen Plus November 2009– The magazine on top of the box.  It arrived a full week earlier than last month, wow!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my Goodwill and Big Lots finds from earlier this week!

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