Buy and Brag #3

Who needs reviews when I can just talk about the crap I buy?  I’ve actually been watching a lot of “unboxing” videos on YouTube lately.  Channels like Gigafrosty and BDUBTheAnimeMaster.  It got me in the mood to make my own, but I don’t own a video camera.  That’s probably for the best.  If I learned one thing from working on my campus news program last year, I’m a terrible host.

Aquarion Parts 1 and 2–  I got a really good deal on these.  They were $14.99 each on Right Stuf (compared to $59.98 retail).  The reason I went with these instead of the complete collection, aside from price, is the fact that FUNimation stripped the extras off the complete collection. I doubt the extras were all that interesting to begin with, but it’s the principal of the thing.  Don’t strip extras!  Right Stuf still has a few copies left so order it ASAP if you’re interested.  Part 1 came with a really cool pencil board.

Ghost Stories: Complete Collection– I ordered this during Right Stuf’s Section 23 sale.  I’ve just been looking for something funny to watch and everyone says it’s hilarious.

Lupin the 3rd toys– Right Stuf is selling Lupin and Fujiko toys for 99 cents each?!?!  Sold!  I might buy another pair to play with.

X-Men Volumes 3 and 4–  I buy American cartoons, too.  X-Men was one of my favorite shows on Fox Kids when I was little.  I still have my action figures and assorted comic books.  I’m glad that Disney finally decided to release this on DVD.  And shocked that they’ve released this much.  Volume 5 should be the last to complete this series.

There’s a few things not pictured here, such as Future Diary volume 3, Fullmetal Alchemist volume 20, and some things I picked up at Half Price Books during the sale I mentioned earlier.  I didn’t feel like digging them out from the pile so that’s it for this week.

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