Panic! at the Kwik-e-mart (part 1)

As most of you know, a handful of 7-11 convenience stores in America have been given the Kwik-e-mart treatment as promotion for The Simpsons movie. The select few have been decked out in Kwik-e attire with Simpsons movie paraphernalia and cutouts surrounding the store. The merchandise, which is available in most 7-11 stores, includes Krusty-O’s cereal, squishees, Buzz Cola, a Radioactive Man comic book, and the authentic movie donut among others. This past weekend we decided to head out to the Chicago-land location. Following are some pics my brother took of the store. Later in the week I’ll post some pics of the merchandise I bought. For a store locater click here.

A cloth covering with the Kwik-e-Mart logo is draped over the original 7-11 sign.

Yes, there was a line to get into the store.  If you would’ve asked me a year ago if I’d ever see myself waiting outside to get into a convenience store I would’ve said no.  Luckily we were the first in line when we got there so we didn’t have to wait long, the line eventually grew longer.

Close-up of Milhouse and Bart enjoying their Buzz Cola and Squishee.

All the merchandise was literally in the front of the store facing the window next to the line.  A good place for shoplifters.  Most of the above merchandise could be found at your local mall- talking pens, chess set, beer openers, bobble heads, pencils.  On the bottom was the quickly selling out Krusty-O’s cereal which I bought (glorified fruit loops by the way).

The Slurpee machine was renamed “Squishee” just like in the show.  They’re selling special edition 20oz (?) Squishee cups with various Simpsons characters on them.

I have no idea who that kid is.  I made a special effort to not post any pics with me in it. Behind him are the movie donuts, the frosting tastes like strawberry milkshake.

Homer enjoying a Big Bite.

Apu advertising Krusty-O’s behind a counter of cigarettes.  Good role model for the kiddies.

This seems like a nice pic to end this entry in.

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