Unbalance Unbalance (volume 1)

Unbalance Unbalance (volume 1)

Story: Dall-Young Lim

Art: Soo-Hyon Lee

Publisher: Infinity Studios

Don’t tell me, “with a slutty body like yours, are you telling me you’ve never watched a real porno before?” Hae-Young has had it in for boys ever since her movie making father left her family. One day she bumps into Jin-Ho, a good looking boy who returns Hae-Young’s missing wallet and phone but keeps 7 dollars as reward! Furious she forces him to repay the money as soon as possible. Happy to know he would probably never see her again, Jin-Ho attends his first day of his senior year of school the next day, little did he know who would be his new homeroom teacher, Hae-Young! Thus begins this odd couple’s frustrations. Jin-Ho repays his new homeroom teacher as quickly as he can to settle his debt but this is only the start of his problems. After a massive case of diahreia, Jin-Ho finds his teacher in a very compromising position. Frustrated, Hae-Young takes her frustrations out on Jin-Ho in the classroom, ridiculing him in front of his classmates. Asking him math problems he has no idea how to calculate. His friends Young-Ghi and Ji-Sue (who has a secret crush on Jin-Ho) have no idea why their homeroom teacher has it in for their friend. Soon after Hae-Young finds a risque French film in the clubroom of Jin-Ho’s own movie production club and immediately dissolves it. Calling Jin-Ho into her office, she smacks him in the face over and over again and he doesn’t even budge. She breaks down crying claiming herself a weak and miserable women. After a drinking party, Jin-Ho takes her to her own apartment where he finds out her estranged father’s profession.

Okay, big titted teacher on cover, main reason I picked this up. This is easily one of the best manga productions in the store right now. Dust jacket, color pages, nice clear paper with no printing imperfections at all, this will look great on your shelf. Although the spine is a little stiff, there really isn’t anything to complain about this release. This story really does bring up the question as to why a smoking hot woman like Hae-Young would waste her body and enter the teaching profession. It’s clear that she is an emotionally unstable woman, due to her father leaving her family. This has affected her ability to trust men and ultimately blame men for her problems, at this point in her life, Jin-Ho. She finds it hard to let others tell their side of the story. Throughout this entire volume, Hae-Young takes everything Jin-Ho does as offense to her even if it was just a mistake. This sets up a rather repetitive storyline that is at times quite predictable to guess Hae-Young’s reactions. With a potential love triangle coming up, this series could get more interesting in the next volume. Will something happen between Jin-Ho and Hae-Young while she is passed out in her apartment?

Rating: 3.5/5

read a preview here.

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